Mitchell L. Fischman Consulting LLC (“MLF Consulting”)  provides project permitting and planning services requiring interaction with environmental and development review regulatory agencies necessitating close working relationships with federal, state and local goveremental representatives. This effort requiring the filing of development impact statements and environmental impact reports have earned MLF Consulting an estimable reputation for obtaining real estate and project development permits and approvals.  Mitch Fischman and his staff have a comprehensive knowledge of the regulatory process which enables them to serve clients through all permitting phases from permit requirement definition and pre-application conferences to application preparation, follow-up and hearing presentations. These skills can help to save our clients hours and dollars, in some cases, by significantly shortening the permitting timeframes.

MLF Consulting Project Permitting and Planning Services include:

  • Article 80 Institutional Master Plan Preparation
  • MEPA Review Coordination and Securing Approvals Acquisition
  • Zoning and Regulatory Analyses
  • Expert Testimony & Court Exhibit Preparation
  • Project Team Coordination and Management
  • Regulatory Planning & Implementation
  • Local, Regional and State Land Use and Master Permitting
  • Environmental Notification Forms
  • Article 80 Project Notification Forms, Notices of Project Change, Draft and Final Project Impact Reports
  • Environmental Impact Statements and Reports
  • Coastal Zone Management Reviews
  • Chapter 91 Waterways Licensing
  • Community Outreach, Off-Site Mitigation Planning and Negotiation