99 Rivermoor Street Self-Storage Warehouse

99 Rivermoor Street99 Rivermoor Street Self-Storage Warehouse, West Roxbury

BRA Large Project Review

Mitchell L. Fischman Consulting was retained by VLR-West Roxbury LLC for the re-development and conversion of an existing warehouse structure into high-quality self-storage facility with certain accessory uses, new loading docks and improvements including on-site parking, landscaping and buffering at 99 Rivermoor Street. The Project includes approximately 154,000 new gross square foot floor area spread-out on the first and mezzanine floors within the existing structure, and the construction of a single-story addition for a sales and management office and conversion of approximately 12,000 gsf of existing front office area to storage use, with 52 on-site surface parking spaces and new off-street loading areas, as well as on-site storage for recreational vehicles and associated landscape improvements. Approvals are bein99 Rivermoor Streetg sought under BRA’s Article 80 requirements and MLF Consulting is currently directing a large scale team to secure these approvals.